Cartoon image of a butlerIn contract terms, our Butler represents the supplier, or vendor.

First of all, it’s important to be clear about who the supplier is. Is it an individual (sole trader), a partnership, or a limited company? Make sure your contract includes enough information to identify the precise legal entity of the supplier – company number, for example, if they are a limited company.

Secondly, we need to set out exactly what the supplier will do under this contract. Are they delivering services? Products? Software? Is there anything that a customer might expect to be included but which the supplier is expressly not delivering – installation services, for example? This will usually be set out in the document attached to the contract, in a statement of work or similar, but you should consider whether there are other supplier obligations over and above their specific contract deliverables.

For example, do you expect the supplier to be available to answer questions or help users? Should the supplier be obliged to accept orders submitted in accordance with the contract? Are there any particular duties that you expect the supplier to fulfil that might not be usual in this sort of agreement?

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