Commercial contracts are our world. We live, breathe, create, review and negotiate contracts, all day, every day.

So what does that mean for you?

If you just don’t have the resources or the expertise to safeguard your business on the contractual front, leave it to us! Devant offers:

• A full outsourced commercial management service; or
• Ad-hoc commercial support as and when you need it

We deliver:

• Reviews of third party contracts, advice on what they mean to your business, and help negotiating an agreement that works for you
Drafting new contracts to reflect changes in your business (such as moving from licensing to SAAS, or outsourcing your manufacturing)
Drafting new contracts to match new channel relationships (with resellers, agents, partners and distributors)
• Negotiation support to close deals, resolve disputes and manage contracts.

If you have some resources but lack the tools, processes or expertise to be a truly effective commercial engine, we can help you get there through:

a Commercial Audit, taking soundings from commercial, finance, sales, delivery and legal to see how we can make things better
contract automation to increase speed of new contract generation without compromising on risk or quality
process improvement to unblock bottlenecks, improve consistency of performance and risk management, and reduce deal cycle times
• developing your staff and creating reference tools to make them more effective in their roles.

And for every business, we provide inspiring, fun and highly effective training and development in:

• deal structuring
• contract drafting
• commercial contract review; and
• contract negotiation.
• We are learning and development partners of the International Association of Commercial and Contract Managers (IACCM) and our training is fully accredited by the IACCM.