Deal Makers – paper copy

//Deal Makers – paper copy

Deal Makers – paper copy


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In this straightforward look at how contracts are used in everyday business life, Tiffany Kemp shows us how to use contracts to help us build stronger, more profitable relationships with our customers.If you’ve ever wondered why lawyers object to you offering clients your ‘best endeavours’, or whether ‘time is of the essence’ means anything more than ‘get a move on’, you’ll find this book an invaluable and very readable companion to your commercial negotiations. And if you’ve always considered legal and commercial to be the ‘Sales Prevention Squad’, you’ll learn how they can become your greatest allies in closing and delivering profitable deals.

This is a paper (hard) copy of the Deal Makers book.

1 review for Deal Makers – paper copy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Gleeson

    I consider it a great stroke of good fortune that this book came to my attention. For years, there was just a blank in my knowledge about what happens when you’ve sold a prospect on your product or service, and now it comes to the write-up stage and sealing the deal on a relatively complex sale. I knew it was essential knowledge to have, but it is just completely lacking in nearly every sales training I’ve gone through (which has been all the top ones on the market).

    They teach you how to open, build rapport, ask questions, present close, overcome objections, etc. But before this book I’d never seen anyone mention the kind of contractual matters that are sure to crop up and how to have that area covered in advance so you can transition through it as smoothly as any other in the sales process and position yourself, and your company, as a true professional.

    Not only does this book cover that area, but it does so in a way that is enjoyable to read, understandable to the non-legal person, comprehensive and leaves nothing out.

    I must confess, I’ve got plenty of books that I’ve leafed through, that have been sitting there unfinished due to being busy, losing interest or something else. I’ll read a little of this book, and a little of that, but rarely finish them.

    There’s a handful of books though that are so exceptional I read them all the way through, and they provide the best education you can expect to get on a subject and really advances your knowledge and skillset on a subject. The author/s put so much into the book and provide additional resources that go way beyond the rest in that field, showing they genuinely care that their readers benefit from the book and can use what it teaches in the real world.

    This gem is one of them. You will not need another book on the subject and will be set to handle high-level negotiations and sales with complete confidence.

    This is a must have book if you want to set up strong and mutually beneficial deals with your clients and customers that are fair, protect both parties, ensure you get paid at the right time and helps things to run smoothly.

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