Contract Automation

Contract Automation

contract-automation-bwYou enter lots of contracts every year, each of which must be tailored slightly for the client, supplier or project involved. You worry that staff make manual tweaks to contract wording, creating opportunities for expensive errors to creep in.

Or maybe you have a range of products and services, each requiring different terms. You’re stuck between having one giant contract covering everything, or having separate contracts for each product and service. Either can slow down negotiation, getting in the way of sales.

Contract automation enables your non-legal staff to quickly and easily create tailored contracts that perfectly match the needs of each deal. No legal expertise is needed – all the hard work is done for you behind the scenes. By including only the terms you need for each deal, negotiation time is shortened.

Whether you have your own legal team to design the agreements or you’d like our help, you can be confident that each contract protects your business.

Creating agreements tailored to your individual customer in only a few minutes rather than days helps build relationships and close sales. More focussed documents, created quickly and accurately to manage risk, save cost and improve sales – that’s what our contract automation service delivers to you.

It’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? If you’d like a live demo, to see how much time, cost and risk contract automation could save your business, let us know.

Let our technology save you time and money, manage risk and sign contracts faster!

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