Commercial Audit

Commercial Audit

commercial-audit-bwYou have a feeling things could be working better, but you’re not exactly sure how. You might be unsure where all your signed contracts are (or how many you have!).

Maybe you’re looking to grow the business significantly, or to prepare it for sale, and want to make sure that you have good commercial contracting foundations to support your growth and maximise your sale value. Or you just want an objective view of how effective your contracting is, to help you focus resources where they’re most needed.

A commercial contract audit looks at your contracting function from all angles. It invites input from key sales, delivery, operations, legal and financial staff to find out how well your contracts support each business area. This deep insight helps you plan resources, tools, processes and training to increase your contracting effectiveness. By building on success and targeting weaker areas, you get maximum return.

If your resources don’t have the time or the expertise, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your contract estate. This will uncover risks and opportunities, helping you to plan and prioritise, manage and mitigate. Once you know what’s lurking in your contracts, you can put measures in place to deal with it appropriately.

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