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Contracting Efficiency

Develop your commercial capability.

Create tailored contracts quickly and easily.

Contract faster for happier clients.

Cut the cost of contracting

You know that contracts are essential to business. For legal risk management, cementing business value and helping you get paid on time, they’re an accepted part of life. But they’re still a source of cost, delays and hiccups in the sales process.

Getting through the contracting process faster and for lower cost, with happier clients and suppliers, sounds appealing. Creating contracts that help you sell more and deliver better, ensuring you not only manage risk but drive profit – does that sound too good to be true?

Devant can help you develop your organisation’s contracting effectiveness. Targeting the areas that will have most impact on reducing costs and improving outcomes, we’ll equip you to turn your contracting process into an asset. Get this right before you sell your business and you’ll attract more buyers and achieve the best price.

“The approach you took to drafting our new NDA was so positive, and we have had some great feedback!”
Laura Crossley, Surevine

Commercial Audit

We’ll help you understand how well your contracting process contributes to your business effectiveness.

Process Improvement

Implement tools and processes to help you create more profitable business relationships, faster.

Contract Automation

Create tailored legal agreements fast, while managing risk and keeping customers and suppliers happy.

Skills Development

Equip your staff to create valuable business relationships, using contracting to sell more and deliver better.

Commercial Audit

commercial-audit-bwYou have a feeling things could be working better, but you’re not exactly sure how. You might be unsure where all your signed contracts are (or how many you have!).

Maybe you’re looking to grow the business significantly, or to prepare it for sale, and want to make sure that you have good commercial contracting foundations to support your growth and maximise your sale value. Or you just want an objective view of how effective your contracting is, to help you focus resources where they’re most needed.

A commercial contract audit looks at your contracting function from all angles. It invites input from key sales, delivery, operations, legal and financial staff to find out how well your contracts support each business area. This deep insight helps you plan resources, tools, processes and training to increase your contracting effectiveness. By building on success and targeting weaker areas, you get maximum return.

If your resources don’t have the time or the expertise, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your contract estate. This will uncover risks and opportunities, helping you to plan and prioritise, manage and mitigate. Once you know what’s lurking in your contracts, you can put measures in place to deal with it appropriately.

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about where your organisation is today, and where you’d like it to be.

Process Improvement

Getting from “we’ve won the business!” to “the contract is signed” can be a slow and painful journey. Making sure your team uses the contract effectively to manage your commercial relationships, securing your profits and minimising risks, can be difficult.

Building on the insights from your commercial contract audit, we work with you to develop commercial contracting processes that:

• Engage the sales, delivery, operations and finance teams at appropriate points

• Provide a simple, easy-to-follow structure that helps your staff use the contract effectively

  • Speed up contract negotiations, reducing conflict and improving confidence
  • Ensure you hold on to your profits as you go through the contracting lifecycle
  • Make your business more efficient, saving time and cost while managing risk

You may be starting out in business, creating a new product or service, or just feel that your terms need a refresh. Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get others to sign your terms, and feel they should be more equitable. Or maybe you’ve been let down by your existing agreements, when a deal went sour and you were left with no recourse.

Once we’ve identified the right structure for your deals, we’ll ask questions to figure out how you do what you do, what makes a deal successful and where things are most likely to go wrong.

Our proven six-step contract drafting process has created over a thousand tailored contracts for businesses like yours. We’ll create terms that reflect your brand ‘personality’ and business values. They will become a valuable contributor to your sales process rather than something negative that gets in the way of selling.

You can have tailored, business-focussed agreements that support your business objectives, manage your risk and increase positive deal outcomes – without spending a fortune.

Sounds good? Drop us a line to arrange a time to discuss your business needs in more detail.

Contract Automation

contract-automation-bwYou enter lots of contracts every year, each of which must be tailored slightly for the client, supplier or project involved. You worry that staff make manual tweaks to contract wording, creating opportunities for expensive errors to creep in.

Or maybe you have a range of products and services, each requiring different terms. You’re stuck between having one giant contract covering everything, or having separate contracts for each product and service. Either can slow down negotiation, getting in the way of sales.

Contract automation enables your non-legal staff to quickly and easily create tailored contracts that perfectly match the needs of each deal. No legal expertise is needed – all the hard work is done for you behind the scenes. By including only the terms you need for each deal, negotiation time is shortened.

Whether you have your own legal team to design the agreements or you’d like our help, you can be confident that each contract protects your business.

Creating agreements tailored to your individual customer in only a few minutes rather than days helps build relationships and close sales. More focussed documents, created quickly and accurately to manage risk, save cost and improve sales – that’s what our contract automation service delivers to you.

It’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? If you’d like a live demo, to see how much time, cost and risk contract automation could save your business, let us know.

Skills Development

skills-development-bwContractual discussions can be an opportunity to build relationships or break them. Each interaction showcases your ethos, capability and competence.

You want clients and suppliers to have confidence in you. To feel that they can have a sensible commercial discussion, agreeing terms that reflect both parties’ business objectives. At the same time, you expect your team to stand up for the rights and needs of your business. You’d like them to achieve fair, workable outcomes while managing your business and legal risk.

We work with all areas of your business that participate in the contracting process to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise. More importantly, we develop their attitudes and approach to contracting. We help your business use contracting to sell more and deliver better.

Using data from your commercial contract audit, we design and deliver learning and development programmes to get you where you want to be. We’ll engage, enthuse and develop your sales, legal, commercial, financial and operational staff to deliver the great commercial relationships, profitable deals and risk management your business deserves.

These might be a combination of our standard workshops or something developed especially for you. Email or call if you’d like to find out more.

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