Contracting Efficiency

Develop your commercial capability.

Create tailored contracts quickly and easily.

Contract faster for happier clients.

Cut the cost of contracting

You know that contracts are essential to business. For legal risk management, cementing business value and helping you get paid on time, they’re an accepted part of life. But they’re still a source of cost, delays and hiccups in the sales process.

Getting through the contracting process faster and for lower cost, with happier clients and suppliers, sounds appealing. Creating contracts that help you sell more and deliver better, ensuring you not only manage risk but drive profit – does that sound too good to be true?

Devant can help you develop your organisation’s contracting effectiveness. Targeting the areas that will have most impact on reducing costs and improving outcomes, we’ll equip you to turn your contracting process into an asset. Get this right before you sell your business and you’ll attract more buyers and achieve the best price.

“The approach you took to drafting our new NDA was so positive, and we have had some great feedback!”
Laura Crossley, Surevine

Commercial Audit

We’ll help you understand how well your contracting process contributes to your business effectiveness.

Process Improvement

Implement tools and processes to help you create more profitable business relationships, faster.

Contract Automation

Create tailored legal agreements fast, while managing risk and keeping customers and suppliers happy.

Skills Development

Equip your staff to create valuable business relationships, using contracting to sell more and deliver better.

Learn how to improve all of your commercial relationships!

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