In-house training that gets to the heart of your contracting issues

Devant in-house training is tailored specifically to meet your organisation’s contracting needs. You may want to:

  • Reduce commercial risk by avoiding disputes
  • Reduce legal risk by fine tuning your agreements
  • Win business by making it easy for your clients to choose you
  • Save cost and speed up payment by reducing the time to contract signature

Whatever your objectives, whatever your challenges, an in-house training programme from Devant will be custom made to deliver the results you need.

More bang for your buck
When all of your team goes through the same program you get a multiplier effect. They reinforce each other’s learning and each other’s good behaviour. You create a community of excellence, where each team member is working towards the same outcomes.

Build a stronger team in a confidential environment
In-house training creates a confidential environment where everybody’s on the same side. It brings together people who may rarely be in the same physical office, to explore and discuss issues that are confidential to your business. During our in-house programmes, relationships are built, trust is created, resources and best practice are shared and problems are resolved.

Generate more revenue and savings straight away
One client, a provider of measuring equipment to the gas and oil industry, identified £100,000 of additional revenue from an existing contract – just through having their sales people and project managers in the same room, on the same training programme, at the same time.

Custom made for your business means quicker returns
The great thing about in-house training is that it’s tailored to your business environment. Training can be built around your preferred terms, your processes and your common contracting issues. Which means that when your people go back into their work environment, they will be able to implement what they learn immediately.


pen, hands and notes

How can you understand our business? Our team is made up of experienced business people with many years of commercial experience across multiple industry sectors. We regularly structure, draft and negotiate all types of contracts. During our Requirements Analysis phase, we take time to learn how your business works and which issues cause you most pain. Your team deserves specialist, expert advice from an experienced professional who uses their language and understands their challenges. That’s what they get from a Devant in-house training programme.

I don’t like the idea of tying up all of my team at once! Some clients felt that pulling their team or senior executives out for a couple of days seemed impossible. What they found was that with some help from Devant to plan the process, and put backup resources in place, it was managed with minimum impact to the business – and after the event, they feel that it was well worth the effort. We take a maximum of twelve delegates on each in-house programme, so if you are looking to develop your entire commercial team we can deliver multiple programmes to accommodate your numbers. You might choose to group delegates according to experience or seniority, which enables us to tailor the level of delivery accordingly, or to mix levels so that mentoring relationships can develop.

In-house training in progressHow do I make sure the learning lasts? Each in-house programme includes a follow-up webinar for your group to reinforce learning, refresh key points and answer questions. We are happy to work with you to create on-going programmes, tools and processes that embed new behaviours in your organisation. We also offer one-to-one coaching for individual team members that you’d like to develop further. Some clients have been inspired to create their own working groups to support and encourage each other in using their learning – a further benefit of having the whole organisation on the same page.

My team members will be bored if it’s too low level! Your bespoke learning programme will be developed specifically to meet the needs of your group. It will challenge, interest and engage even the brightest executive. We take pride in developing exercises that provide ‘stretch potential’, so that the your most capable team members are able to flex their intellectual muscles and gain real value.

Is it expensive? It’s not cheap, but it is excellent value. Would you want your team to learn their commercial contracting and negotiation skills from the cheapest provider? Neither would we!

You’ll find an in-house programme not only delivers better value to your organisation for all the reasons described above – if you have six or more delegates, it’ll also be less expensive per head than attending public training courses. And we’re so confident in the quality of the learning we provide that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy.

“We were highly impressed with the work the team at Devant did for us to create a tailored Contract Law and Drafting course for our Contracts and Commercial team. The course material was delivered in a concise, engaging and enthusiastic manner by Tiffany, and the course has provided our team with relevant information and skills that will enhance the value our function brings to CGI.”

David Hodges, V.P. Commercial and Operations, CGI

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