Contract Negotiation Training

Contract Negotiation Training

image2bwNegotiating contracts is a way to build relationships, learn what really matters to your counterparty and establish firm foundations for successful delivery. You can transform your contract negotiations into positive experiences for both parties.


By preparing thoroughly. By looking at the world from their perspective. By understanding what you really want to achieve, and how to prioritise so that you meet the objectives of your most important stakeholders. And, most of all, by using the negotiation as an opportunity for you and the other party to work together to create an environment in which you will both succeed.

It’s one thing to learn about negotiation theory. This contract negotiation course is highly practical, giving you lots of opportunities to practice your new skills. Just like in real-life negotiations, it’s not all about the ‘face to face’. You’ll explore how to prepare effectively, how to ask good questions (and listen to the answers!), and how to make your email and telephone negotiations more successful.

Book a place on one of our public negotiation courses, sharing best-practice with others from different companies. If you prefer a tailored in-house programme, these provide the perfect environment for creating your own negotiation ‘playbook’ or ‘cheat sheet’, to help your team become more effective negotiators.

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