Contract Law
for Non Lawyers

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers

image1bwYou’ve been looking for a commercial law course to learn how contractual agreements work, and to find out about terms and conditions that will help you manage risk and create effective business relationships.

You may be new to contracts, wanting to kick-start your understanding. Or perhaps you’re an experienced commercial manager wanting to refresh your contract law knowledge with the latest case law.

Either way, you’ll find this contract law training accessible, interesting, relevant – and much more enjoyable than you expected! Whether you book a place at one of our public courses or choose a tailored workshop just for your team, you’re guaranteed to improve your understanding of commercial contracts.

Looking at real contract examples, you’ll learn how to identify risks and opportunities. With the help of the Devant Butler’s Tale story, you’ll move from simply reading a contract and deciding whether you like it or not, to being able to spot what’s missing and how that might impact you.

You can find out more details about the agenda and book places for your team, here. If you’d like this training delivered in-house, let us know.

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