Contract Drafting

Contract Drafting

image3bwMost of the time you’ll use contract templates or standard form contracts. But when you need to create something new, or to edit your template to fit a particular deal, there’s always the worry that you’ll accidentally ‘break’ the agreement.

Learning how to write a contract starts with understanding what it has to achieve for your organisation. This helps you determine the right contract structure. Then you need to consider your target audience to decide on the style and tone of voice your contract will have.

The next step is to ensure you use legal terminology accurately, so that it has your desired effect and doesn’t create unnecessary risk. And of course you want to write clearly and unambiguously, as ambiguity causes problems that can lead to lost profits (best case) and litigation (worst case).

Click here to book a place on our public contract drafting course, which provides a great refresher for experienced commercial professionals, and the perfect starting point for those new to writing contract documents. If your team needs some in-depth training to tackle specific areas of concern, our tailored in-house programmes (delivered over two to three days) are very popular.

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