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You’d like to understand how to write a contract, and what all those legal terms and conditions actually mean in business documents. Or maybe you’d like to bring your negotiation skills up to date, and learn how to manage the ‘sinister attribution effect’ when negotiating by email.

Finding contract law training that explains the essential concepts in clear, easy to understand English, and relates them to your everyday business experience, can be challenging.

Our contract law courses and negotiation training focus on what you really need to know to make a difference.

Our delegates regularly give us full marks for the value of the content and the quality of our delivery. More importantly, years after attending our training courses they’re still raving about how useful they’ve found what they learned, and how enjoyable they found the experience.

Practical, engaging and immediately useful.

Contract management is increasingly becoming a highly sought-after skill. What is contract management? It’s the way your organisation creates, negotiates and manages its commercial relationships. All the way from creating an Invitation to Tender or responding to a Request for Proposal, negotiating your deal, handing over to the delivery team, managing implementation of your contract and then closing out the contract at the end.

We offer a range of well-loved public training courses, used by large corporations and small start-ups to develop their contracting skills. Whether you’d like an update on the latest contract law developments, want to check you’re using best-practice when drafting contracts, or want to practice dealing with slippery negotiation tactics in a safe environment, we have a training course that can help. And, new for 2017, we now have an integrated public course to help you learn how to understand, draft and negotiate contracts over three highly intensive and interactive days.

As hands-on contracting specialists, we’re also happy to develop a tailor-made course just for your team. From advanced contract drafting and deal structuring, to how to use contracts to sell more effectively – give us a call to discuss what you’d like to achieve. We’ll work with you to create a structure, exercises and materials that target your business’s development needs.

“Tiffany is a legal practitioner extraordinaire (and) she speaks commercial sense. She terrified me into sorting my contracts out! Entertaining and knowledgeable…I believe her re-writing of my engagement terms has not only potentially saved me many a sad day in court but made the processing of our documentation safer and swifter. You will love her (I do!).”

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Contract Law
for Non Lawyers

Do you feel like contract terms are written in a foreign language? Our contract law course translates legalese into business English.

Contract Negotiation Training

Contract negotiation can be intimidating, challenging and confrontational. Or it can be enjoyable, constructive and empowering. Which would you prefer?

Contract Drafting

Learning how to make a contract that delivers what your organisation needs is not a 1-day task. But our contract writing course is a great place to start.

Bespoke In-house Training

Looking to develop more than five people? Need more in-depth training on specific issues? Look at our in-house training, developed specifically for you.

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