Deal Structuring

Deal Structuring

image1bwYou have a business outcome in mind. What’s not clear is how you’ll get there. We ask incisive questions to quickly get to the bottom of what you want to achieve, and the key factors driving the outcome. Thinking creatively, we’ll suggest different ways of achieving your goals that are legally effective, commercially astute and operationally achievable.

We help you think through the pros and cons of different sorts of business relationships.

Whether you’re looking at:

  • resellers vs sales agents,
  • prime-contract/sub-contract arrangements vs joint ventures,
  • software licence models vs Software as a Service, or
  • group framework agreements vs individual country contracts

– we’ll give you the insight, commercial guidance and legal confidence to choose the structure that will work best for you.

Are you adding a new product or service to your portfolio? Considering new routes to market? Or maybe looking at a company sale or investment? Give us a call to discuss what you’d like to achieve for your business.

Create contracts that improve business relationships!

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