Contract Review

Contract Review

image3bwYou’ve been sent a contract by a client, supplier or business associate who’d like to do business with you on their terms. You want to know if it’s ‘safe’ to sign as it is, or whether there are areas you should push back.

We help you choose the appropriate level of review to give you the information and security you need, without costing the earth.

You might want a ‘quick and dirty’ once-over, to tell you whether the contract you’ve been given is a bit scary, very scary or not at all scary. This could be driving your bid/no-bid decision if the contract is part of an Invitation to Tender, so a quick review will help you choose whether to invest in more detailed analysis or to pass on this opportunity.

When you’re committed to doing business with the other party, you’ll want a more detailed review. One that can serve as the basis for subsequent negotiations, and help you reach agreement faster.

For very complex, high-value deals, a formal Issues Register will help you quantify and prioritise risks and opportunities. It acts as a baseline for negotiations that helps you track progress and manage trade-offs.

In each case, we ask questions to understand the context and your objectives, so that we give you exactly the information you need.

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