Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

image4bwYour business relationships are important to you. But while you don’t want to start off with acrimonious negotiations, you’re not keen on just accepting whatever risks and liabilities the other party throws your way.

Good negotiation starts with planning. We help you look at your objectives and those of the other party, and identify different ‘acceptable’ outcomes that are likely to work for you both. The more options you have, the more effective your negotiation will be – so we work with you to create options and ‘tradeables’ before you start negotiating.

You might prefer to lead all negotiations yourself, using us as background support. Once we’ve got to know each other better, you’ll be more comfortable asking us to ‘drive’. We’ll work collaboratively but firmly with your opposite number to reach a deal that is fair and equitable.

In true ‘David devant Goliath’ style, working with us will empower you to negotiate effectively with companies much bigger than yours. And because we work with your best interests at heart, we’re able to secure a much better deal while enabling you to maintain your client relationships throughout.

Wondering what to do next? Give us an outline of your deal and your current situation, and we’ll be pleased to share our thoughts on how you might want to proceed to meet your business objectives.

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