Contract Drafting

Contract Drafting

image2bwYou may be starting out in business, creating a new product or service, or just feel that your terms need a refresh. Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get others to sign your terms, and feel they should be more equitable. Or maybe you’ve been let down by your existing agreements, when a deal went sour and you were left with no recourse.

Once we’ve identified the right structure for your deals, we’ll ask questions to figure out how you do what you do, what makes a deal successful and where things are most likely to go wrong.

Our proven six-step contract drafting process has created over a thousand tailored contracts for businesses like yours. Using our contract writing skills, we’ll create terms that reflect your brand ‘personality’ and business values. They will become a valuable contributor to your sales process rather than something negative that gets in the way of selling.

You can have tailored, business-focussed agreements that support your business objectives, manage your risk and increase positive deal outcomes – without spending a fortune.

Get in touch to discuss the commercial relationships you’d like to create, and the best sort of documents to achieve your goals.

Create contracts that improve business relationships!

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