Cut the cost of contracting

You know that contracts are essential to business. For legal risk management, cementing business value and helping you get paid on time, they’re an accepted part of life. But they’re still a source of cost, delays and hiccups in the sales process.

Getting through the contracting process faster and for lower cost, with happier clients and suppliers, sounds appealing. Creating contracts that help you sell more and deliver better, ensuring you not only manage risk but drive profit – does that sound too good to be true?

Devant can help you develop your organisation’s contracting effectiveness. Targeting the areas that will have most impact on reducing costs and improving outcomes, we’ll equip you to turn your contracting process into an asset. Get this right before you sell your business and you’ll attract more buyers and achieve the best price.

Deal Making

Deal Structuring

We’ll help you structure deals that achieve your objectives while creating a profitable and happy relationship with the other party. In M&A deals, this includes working with tax and other specialists to ensure all shareholders (especially owner/directors) get the best possible outcome.

Contract Drafting

Well-crafted contracts help you deliver what the client needs, first time. So you get paid faster while achieving better margins, reduced risk and more follow-on business. And not just customer/supplier agreements, either – tricky company law documents must prepared accurately to ensure compliance, and make your business due-diligence ready.

Contract Review

A Devant review will quickly highlight risks and opportunities, helping you make fast bid/no-bid decisions and prepare for productive negotiations. Selling your business? We’ll help you understand and navigate the complexities of the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) with confidence.

Contract Negotiation

With us on your side, you’ll negotiate more confidently, get contracts signed quickly, manage risk appropriately and maximise profit. In M&A negotiations, you’ll close the deal you want in a cost-effective way, while maintaining good relationships.

“We’re really glad we invested in this process, and chose Devant to help us build even better relationships with our customers.”
Kester Harvey, The Rooflight Company

Deal Structuring

image1bwYou have a business outcome in mind. What’s not clear is how you’ll get there. We ask incisive questions to quickly get to the bottom of what you want to achieve, and the key factors driving the outcome. Thinking creatively, we’ll suggest different ways of achieving your goals that are legally effective, commercially astute and operationally achievable.

We help you think through the pros and cons of different sorts of business relationships.

Whether you’re looking at:

  • resellers vs sales agents,
  • prime-contract/sub-contract arrangements vs joint ventures,
  • software licence models vs Software as a Service, or
  • group framework agreements vs individual country contracts

– we’ll give you the insight, commercial guidance and legal confidence to choose the structure that will work best for you.

Are you adding a new product or service to your portfolio? Considering new routes to market? Or maybe looking at a company sale or investment? Give us a call to discuss what you’d like to achieve for your business.

Contract Drafting

image2bwYou may be starting out in business, creating a new product or service, or just feel that your terms need a refresh. Perhaps you’ve been struggling to get others to sign your terms, and feel they should be more equitable. Or maybe you’ve been let down by your existing agreements, when a deal went sour and you were left with no recourse.

Once we’ve identified the right structure for your deals, we’ll ask questions to figure out how you do what you do, what makes a deal successful and where things are most likely to go wrong.

Our proven six-step contract drafting process has created over a thousand tailored contracts for businesses like yours. Using our contract writing skills, we’ll create terms that reflect your brand ‘personality’ and business values. They will become a valuable contributor to your sales process rather than something negative that gets in the way of selling.

You can have tailored, business-focussed agreements that support your business objectives, manage your risk and increase positive deal outcomes – without spending a fortune.

Get in touch to discuss the commercial relationships you’d like to create, and the best sort of documents to achieve your goals.

Contract Review

image3bwYou’ve been sent a contract by a client, supplier or business associate who’d like to do business with you on their terms. You want to know if it’s ‘safe’ to sign as it is, or whether there are areas you should push back.

We help you choose the appropriate level of review to give you the information and security you need, without costing the earth.

You might want a ‘quick and dirty’ once-over, to tell you whether the contract you’ve been given is a bit scary, very scary or not at all scary. This could be driving your bid/no-bid decision if the contract is part of an Invitation to Tender, so a quick review will help you choose whether to invest in more detailed analysis or to pass on this opportunity.

When you’re committed to doing business with the other party, you’ll want a more detailed review. One that can serve as the basis for subsequent negotiations, and help you reach agreement faster.

For very complex, high-value deals, a formal Issues Register will help you quantify and prioritise risks and opportunities. It acts as a baseline for negotiations that helps you track progress and manage trade-offs.

In each case, we ask questions to understand the context and your objectives, so that we give you exactly the information you need.

Contact us to see which option is best for you.

Contract Negotiation

image4bwYour business relationships are important to you. But while you don’t want to start off with acrimonious negotiations, you’re not keen on just accepting whatever risks and liabilities the other party throws your way.

Good negotiation starts with planning. We help you look at your objectives and those of the other party, and identify different ‘acceptable’ outcomes that are likely to work for you both. The more options you have, the more effective your negotiation will be – so we work with you to create options and ‘tradeables’ before you start negotiating.

You might prefer to lead all negotiations yourself, using us as background support. Once we’ve got to know each other better, you’ll be more comfortable asking us to ‘drive’. We’ll work collaboratively but firmly with your opposite number to reach a deal that is fair and equitable.

In true ‘David devant Goliath’ style, working with us will empower you to negotiate effectively with companies much bigger than yours. And because we work with your best interests at heart, we’re able to secure a much better deal while enabling you to maintain your client relationships throughout.

Wondering what to do next? Give us an outline of your deal and your current situation, and we’ll be pleased to share our thoughts on how you might want to proceed to meet your business objectives.

Create contracts that improve business relationships!

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