Devant is uniquely positioned to provide an Innovative service that combines practical experienced business leadership with in-depth expertise in commercial contract law. Trusted by a large portfolio of regular clients and renowned as a cost effective and straightforward alternative to traditional law firms, our professional service delivers the foundations that protect commercial revenue, jargon-free contracts ranging


We deliver the results you hope for (but rarely get) when you go to a traditional corporate law firm or commercial solicitors. Our tools, knowledge and commercial contracting experience are on a par with the best commercial lawyers – but they are delivered with commercial common sense and pragmatism that many law firms lack.

Devant ensures all of its consultants are up to date with the latest case law and best-practice in contract law, drafting and negotiations, using the very best resources and tools to help you realise your company’s potential. This includes

  • Holding a full subscription to PLC (Practical Law), the industry-leading legal reference platform used by most firms of solicitors
  • Monitoring legal updates from a variety of sources such as Lexology and the International Law Office
  • Participation in events, updates and briefings from the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)
  • Where required, reference to subject matter experts at Charles Russell Speechly’s, our external legal counsel
  • Access to an international network of law firms to support us with international transactions