When Does Copying Infringe Copyright?

A Spat at Bedtime… In late November 2017, retailer John Lewis and children’s author Chris Riddell were parties to an ‘online copyright spat’. The issue was whether or not the department store had copied the former Children’s Laureate’s beloved character Mr Underbed, in creating the star of their Christmas advert, Moz the Monster. Many agreed [...]

What can your business learn from the Carillion crisis?

The collapse of the construction group, Carillion, leaving an estimated pension hole of around £2.6billion, and total liabilities of around £5billion, means many businesses and public sector workers are doubtful about their future. Carillion’s supply chain stretches far and wide, and the number of companies impacted by this collapse is huge. Setting aside the inevitable [...]

The Bits of GDPR We Don’t Want to Talk About

On the 1st January 2018, GDPR will no longer be coming next year, it’ll be a few months away! At this point, you’ve heard the headlines: the massive fines, the extra compliance and lots of talk about consent. If you’re already active in getting your organisation in shape for the change in law, you’ve probably [...]

The Pitfalls of Litigation and Counter-claims

Have you ever been involved in a dispute over a contract? Even if you've never been to court, chances are you will have had issues that can be tracked back to a contractual dispute, whether it be as a business owner, employee or in your personal life. As consumers, we have become accustomed to an [...]

Devant Diary Winter 2017

We’ve been gearing up to help you be even more successful in 2018: Helping you become better Deal Makers by creating new workshops – Reviewing, Understanding and Amending Contracts and Statements of Work and Negotiating Contracts and Statements of Work (drop us a line if you’d like the Early Bird discount codes!)  Using our new GDPR management platform and analysis workshops to [...]

Is clear contract drafting getting more or less important?

Devant’s working mantra is that clear and unambiguous contract drafting following a fair negotiation will make for a successful contractual relationship. It means both parties are clear on what they want and what they must do. That said, it’s possible that you’ve heard about a few cases coming out of the courts recently that seem to [...]

Devant Diary – Autumn

We're feeling a glow this Autumn because we are...   Drafting accessible and easy to read business terms for a secure storage solutions company. Delivering in-house training on Practical Contracting and Commercial Awareness for two companies on opposite sides of the Pennines. Fired up for our public workshop on 10th - 12th October - Understanding, [...]

GDPR for SMEs: When is it OK to Process Personal Data?

For organisations wondering about the differences between the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), perhaps the first question business owners might ask is: "When are you allowed to process the personal data of individuals that GDPR is coming in to protect?" A lot of articles have focussed on a need [...]