5 questions to ask yourself before selling your business

Selling your business is a time and thought consuming process. Before you’ve even entered into official negotiations or due diligence, you’ve likely spent weeks (or months) discussing the prospect and its consequences. Even for the most experienced business mind, selling can feel like a difficult and challenging time, both emotionally and strategically. Because of this, [...]

Read the small print for our T&Cs

Well, I would if the small print wasn’t ridiculously small! I have accepted that I am at the age when I need reading glasses and I’m quite happy with this (honestly!). Most of the time whilst I’m sat at my desk looking at my computer screen or at printed documents, my glasses work just fine. [...]

Focus early to get the deal you want from your business sale

You have an ideal buyer for your business and a potential deal on the table, so what’s next? How can you make sure that the principles of the deal are clear for both you as the owner, and the buyer? Answer, create a Heads of Terms. This is the fourth step in Selling your Business. [...]

American agreements afford little protection under the Privacy Shield

“Shield” (verb) – to protect from danger, risk or unpleasant experience. Based on this definition, we can assume Privacy Shield is good and we don’t need to worry about sending data over to the USA? A natural assumption to make, but if you do business with American companies (customers or suppliers) you should read on. [...]

Where are you on your journey to GDPR compliance?

What's so hard about implementing changes to your business data protection policies and processes under GDPR? Surely once you update your privacy policy, email all your contacts about opting-in and check that the new data protection clause in your business contracts says ‘GDPR’ somewhere, that's all there is to it. I sometimes hear business owners [...]

The Top 4 Ways to Use NDAs

If contract law can ever be considered to be the shining star in a sordid sex scandal, the recent allegations surrounding the 45th US President, Donald Trump and adult film actress ‘Stormy Daniels’ are probably as close as it’s ever likely to get. Most commercial managers and business owners are likely to have a loose [...]

Finding Your Ideal Buyer: How to decide if this is ‘the one’!

It’s unlikely you would sell your home to a chance buyer who knocked at your door, or put it on the market with the first estate agent that happened to cold call you. Selling your company is a similar story when you consider the approaches you might receive from interested buyers or agents. Like your [...]

Worried about complying with GDPR? Take a deep dive into your business to uncover the way forward!

I am often amazed at the capacity of our brain, the amount of “stuff” that it retains, how it recalls it and how it is able to able to consider endless possibilities with that “stuff”. During the GDPR readiness workshops I've run with many of our SME clients, they've shown that they hold masses of [...]

Why Do Contracts Exist in Business?

Whilst you’ve been drawing up a contract with a business partner, have you ever got to a point where you just stop and think, “do I really need to be going through all of this, wouldn’t an email be sufficient?” Hopefully, you have lots of healthy business relationships where everyone just keeps doing what they [...]

Have Your Email ‘Negotiations’ Accidentally Become a Contract?

Even in the smallest businesses, we all do at least some of our negotiating by email. Sometimes it’s quite informal and with people you know. Other times it might be more formal and considered – perhaps you even have a process for engaging new business? Whatever the case, you could be forming legally binding contracts [...]