What has been keeping the Devant team busy recently?

What has been keeping the Devant team busy recently? • Delivering bespoke training to a financial institution, on buying and selling companies. • Helping our SME client negotiate on equal terms with a global logistics supplier. • Nearly selling out our June Contract Law, Drafting and Negotiation Workshops in Reading - use code cc1d6 to [...]

Contract negotiation: it’s more than just ‘horse trading’

I was writing this article about contract negotiation while my daughter and her horse practiced their jumping. Bored with the ups and downs of equestrian life, Thomas (the horse) came over to have a nose. He reminded me that many people describe negotiation as ‘horse trading’. As in: “ “Sales have done the important stuff – [...]

Do your online terms and conditions keep you and your customers safe?

We all buy online these days - in the run-up to Christmas, the flurry of delivery vans clogging our streets was hard evidence of our fondness for buying remotely. And when we do, most websites we buy from have online terms and conditions buried in the small print and tiny links at the bottom of [...]

Happy New Year from Devant

Happy New Year! Let us help you get 2017 off to a great start by:   • Securing your place on our Understanding, Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts workshop now! Use code p3d2, to get the Early Bird Discount. • Reviewing and updating your terms of business to reflect new services and products you’ll be [...]

Damages is it a game of probability or chance?

When we talk about damages we’re normally referring to payments compensating someone for their loss of property or for an injury. In contract law, where one party breaches their obligations to another, a court might award a sum that rectifies the situation by putting the innocent party in the financial position that they would have [...]

Ofcom Fines: The Writing’s on the Wall for Companies Who Fail to Prepare for the Worst

It seems that Christmas has come early for former pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers of Vodafone. Earlier this year Ofcom (the independent regulator for the communications industry) issued the mobile network giant with a £4.625 million fine and ordered money be paid back to consumers affected by accounting failures when the provider switched payment platforms. Amongst other [...]

Price Fixing: A Costly “Quick Fix” That Could Land You In Legal Hot Water

As a business owner, the law may seem an unnecessary burden, creating reporting and compliance obligations that get in the way of good business. You might be tempted to think that as long as your terms and conditions are in hand, the law won’t come crashing down on you if you bend the rules a bit. Don't [...]

Devant Diary – November 2016

This November we: • Reviewed marketing materials for a global financial consultancy to ensure it didn’t create obligations the company couldn’t fulfil. • Supported a client with its post-completion obligations following its acquisition of a new subsidiary. •Drafted new terms for a products manufacturer to cover bespoke development requirements. • Negotiated a shareholder agreement for [...]

Death knell for the European Unitary Patent?

Attending an intellectual property law conference recently, the question on everybody’s mind was 'How will Britain leaving the EU affect business as usual back in the UK'? In terms of patent law, it seems that Brexit will bring more radical change to the way Britain interacts with the rest of Europe than to its dealings [...]

E-Signatures: A Contracting Game Changer?

Dating back to before the American Civil War in 1861, inventive methods of communication have been used to create enforceable contracts. Back then, of course, the methods were a little less high-tech than today’s offerings - we’ve swapped Morse code for digital contracting platforms. But, as always, there are those battling the shift from old-style [...]