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Good contracts should be easy to read and relevant

Together with a great contracting process, they help you build stronger, longer lasting and more profitable commercial relationships. They support positive deal outcomes rather than focussing on failure. Used intelligently, contracts can help you to sell more and deliver better.

Plain talking in business English

Whether you’re a contract law expert or a complete novice, you’ll find our consultants speak your language. No unnecessary legal jargon, just plain talking in business English – we have everything you need to flourish.

How? By transforming your business contracts from potential deal breakers into value-generating deal-makers.

Refreshingly different

Do you currently work with a commercial lawyer? You’ll find Devant refreshingly different. Combining expert contract law knowledge with practical business experience and a results-oriented approach, we focus on getting you where you want to be.

Approachable, insightful, knowledgeable, challenging (in a good way!). That’s how our clients describe us.

In-House Training
Are you ready for GDPR?

“Devant have worked closely with Succeed over a number of years to provide critical ancillary legal support services. Throughout that time we have been impressed with the breadth and depth of the services which has ranged from face to face contract negotiation, full contract review through to advice and transaction of demerger and other important company agreements. Alongside this, the staff at Devant remain accessible and on hand providing a ‘virtual legal department’ as an extension to our company operations, and offering professional but pragmatic advice on various commercial and legal matters, including GDPR, legislative updates and company structure.”

Steve Elcock, CEO, Succeed

Contracts should be a tool for managing your business relationships

We believe that contracts should reflect the way you do business – how you sell and deliver your products or services, your company’s culture and your tactical and strategic objectives. They are a tool for managing your business relationships, and not just an ‘insurance policy’ in case things go wrong.

So we don’t just deliver contracts; by helping you maintain good relationships with your contracting parties, we help you to maximise profit while managing risk.

As business people ourselves, we’ve had to sign up to deals just like the ones we draft and negotiate on your behalf, so we know the challenges you face, first hand.

Our consultants have ‘earned their stripes’ – not just in structuring, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. They have also had to deliver against and manage contracts for complex projects from both buyer and seller perspectives.

When you work with Devant, you’ll receive commercially focused contract support that generates good results for your bottom line.

To try us for yourself, give us a call.

If you ask for something you don’t really need, we’ll tell you. We’ll challenge any ideas and preconceptions you may have that aren’t in your best interests, and will never spend our time and your money on something that isn’t going to deliver value to you.

Our values are core to how we think, how we act and what we do. It’s essential to us that all members of our team demonstrate these values in each engagement with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Our core values are:

1. We only do work where we can add real value

We will not spend our time and your money if they are not going to fulfil your needs. We will create bespoke, workable solutions that directly address your requirements.

2. We are down to earth

We will speak (and write) in plain business English, making our communications to you, our contracts and all other documents we produce, clear and understandable.

3. We will challenge you

If you are proposing to do something we feel is not in your best interests, or will not meet your needs, we will question you. We will encourage you to think of alternatives and will provide candid support to you during your decision-making process.

4. We will share our experience

With over 90 years of commercial contracting experience in the Devant team , we will ensure you benefit from our knowledge and know-how in all our dealings with you. Developing your knowledge and expertise is core to each engagement we have with you.

iso9001iaccmDevant is certified by BSI to ISO 9001.

Our contract law, contract drafting and contract negotiation training is endorsed by the International Association of Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM) and accredited by global certification organisation, APMG.

Devant was launched in September 2003 to help companies use contracts to sell more, and deliver better. Devant specialises in hands-on contract creation, negotiation and legal advice.
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Devant – smoothing business relationships since 2003

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